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Bi-laterally Supports - "First German Femail Astronaut 2020"

Florien König trifft NIcola Baumann

November 23, 2017

F. M. König met Mrs. Nicola Baumann one of the www.dieastronautin.de candidates for the ISS 2020 flight during the symposium of www.querdenker.de on Nov. 23th 2017. After our sponsoring in April 2017 we exchanged ideas how to support astronauts by an additional nature-related ISS habitat for instance by SFERICS fields (see posters background at the foto related to our world new "fair weather field" emitting SFERICS-HEADPHONES SH-S1). Or as well a probable use of our "electrosmog" neutralizing MHR devices to reduce negative effects of an artificial electro-magnetic climate at the ISS.

Reference users are, for example, Dr. med. Kay Polonius in the Prienamed Medical Center Munich, Naturopath Dennis Lindner, etc. for their therapeutic patient treatments with music. More references of our company see here.

Honoring lecture presentation at the parlament of Slovenia (Europe)

Vortrag in Slowenien

Ljubliana, November 30, 2017

As documentation one fotograph's during the talk and the official security entering ID card to cross the parlaments border. There were presented our SFERICS-HEADPHONES SH-S1 and the world unique electrosmog neutralizing tubes & can's devices as well. The lectures title was: "Natural And Problematic Man Made Artificial Field Pollutions at the Earths Atmosphere – Countermeasures for a Health Protecting Habitat".

Vortrag in Slowenien Vortrag in Slowenien